Sunday, December 17, 2017


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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu's directing debut GOLDBUSTER (YIU LING LING) will open on the 29th. To promote her first film as a director, Director Ng tried a cinema promotion tour. She in 15 days went to 24 Mainland ciites, as much as 18 cinemas a day and as few as 10. She estimated that she attended over 250 shows of audience appreciations and events.

Running all over 24 cities in one breath to Kwan Yu was a physical challenge, but she experienced the most that being a director actually was tougher than an actor. She had to take more time to promote. Even she joked, "I finally understand why (Peter) Chan Ho Sun is hardly ever home!"

Kwan Yu this time ran the entire trip with her producer and other half Chan Ho Sun. Earlier they both put on priest robes and carried peach wood swords to meet the audience at the movies. From the first stop in Foshan, each show and each circuit's audience was surprised to see this star priest couple.

Yesterday Kwan Yu promoted in Shenzhen. After two days Kwan Yu said with disbelief, "Luckily I have been working out, on the first day in Foshan I ran to 17 cinemas. I really can't top that! I have always thought being a Mommy was the most difficult, actually being a director is. It really is an endurance race. In the past as an actress I would promote with one or two premieres or events, but this time this time I really am incredible. Actually this promotional trip truly has been a new attempt, but I have to sacrifice the chance to spend Christmas with my daughter. This year I have to celebrate with the audience at the movies. However I am happy that I personally went to the movies, interacted and shared with the audience over these few days. The response has been great. I hope everyone would like this movie."


Patrick Tse surprises Simon Yam with an arm locking toast
Vincy Chan, Sherman Chung
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Snow Suen
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The Lunar New Year film A BEAUITFUL MOMENT (NGOR DIK CHING DIK NUI SAI) production wrap banquet took place two nights ago. Director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) and actors Simon Yam Tat Wa, Michelle Wai Sze Nga, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, Patrick Tse Yin, Snow Suen Wai Suet, Vincy Chan (Wing Yi) and Sherman Chung Shu Man were among the attendees. Boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing even host the toast. Only lead actress Carina Lau Ka Ling was working on a series in the Mainland and could not make time to attend.

Yam Tat Wa revealed that he has already planned for his family of three to have a White Christmas in Finland and would even bring a fake belly to play Santa Claus to cheer up his wife Qi Qi. However due to work he would have to leave early while his wife and daughter would continue to enjoy the vacation. Brother Wa said that working with Ka Ling again on this Lunar New Year film was very pleasant. He only learned that Ka Ling had quite a tolerance for liquor after they made two drunk scenes. He ended up having to make the movie drunk!

Wai Sze Nga played Lau Ka Ling's daughter. She said that she has liked her since she was little and this time working with her was a dream come true. Sze Nga praised Sister Ka Ling as a great beauty, playing her daughter truly was a honor. However at first she was a little scared at work because Sister Ka Ling's presence was too great. After contact she realized that she was very an attentive elder and gave herself the impression of a mother. When they worked together they could be very natural. On the other hand her four time co-star Wong Yuen Chi played a sister with the intellect of a four year old. Sze Nga said, "Yuen Chi is the most apt and the most amazing at comedy. On the set she brought everyone a lot of joy. We joked that her character was already two years smart than her normal intellect. Her comedic sense is very strong, my response was rather slow so I really had to learn from her!"

Suen Wai Suet only guest starred for a day this time, but she went to work soon after giving birth. After working at night she got the "hives". She joked that she considered herself making a sacrifice for the arts. Ah Suet said that her son was already four months old and a "big baby". He was eating more than she could handle. Because she was breastfeeding she could not lose weight. She gained over 20 pounds and hoped to start officially losing weight half a year later.

Friday, December 15, 2017


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Charmaine Sheh slaps Dayo Wong

Dayo Wong is hung upside down at the pier
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The Dayo Wong Tze Wa and Charmaine Sheh Sze Man starred Lunar New Year comedy AGENT MR. CHAN (DUNG DUK DUT GUNG) yesterday released its first official trailer. Although Tze Wa appeared with his back to the camera, then lived it up at the casino with a group of sexy beauties with the strongest shade of 007, soon he "fell into the dragnet" of the "bureau chief" Sheh Sze Man's order. He was not only all wet and hung upside down at the pier, Ah Sheh even slapped the light out of him!

Setting off spark at their TVB series YOU'RE HIRED, Ah Sheh and Tze Wa this time also had a forced wedding scene. In it Ah Sheh with messy hair and red eyes asked Tze Wa, "In other words we are not getting married?" Tze Wa immediately gave his golden reply, "If the world won't have peace a day, personal relationship for me is no way."

Soon after the trailer was released, Tze Wa posted it on his social media and shot a video to ask for it to be spread around the internet. He said that this was the official trailer. In response to the earlier leaked video, "That one was fake! We aren't so sloppy."


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Taiwan artist Show Luo (Piggy) two days ago attended a new film press conference with Jackie Chan in the Mainland. Piggy even imitated Jackie Chan's past classic fights. Jackie Chan also impersonated Piggy's cross dressing "Chu Bik Shek" gesture.

Because they had many scenes together in the film, they called themselves the "Dragon and Pig Team". Co-star Ouyang Nana often whispered to Jackie Chan on the stage and appeared to be rather close.


Both Li Ronghao and Eason Chan work on their first action film
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The Eason Chan Yik Shun and Li Ronghao starred, Vincent Kok Tak Siu directed action comedy KEEP CALM AND BE A SUPERSTAR (NGOR DAI GUI SING) will open early next year. It even invited the Hong Kong poster illustrator Yuen Tai Yung to return for a poster. Eason felt very honored to be the actor of Master Yuen's first poster of his return. Master Yuen put his and Ronghao's most "exaggerated" side from the film on the poster.

Eason and Li Ronghao both worked on ther first action film. Kok Tak Siu praised Eason's fighting would make everyone believe that the double did it for him. Eason said, "Each shot had to be its best for me to be pleased. I spent several weeks to keep practicing for the action scenes, to remember how to fight. From the first day to two months later my face got pointier from the shoot!"

Thursday, December 14, 2017


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Mainland star Zanilia Zhao Liying in the new film THE MONKEY KING 3 (SAI YAU GEI NUI YI GOK) played the King of Herland. In the special she displayed her cute and naive side and won over viewers. Zhao Liying said, "The King is a girl with no idea what love is, but she also cannot help but want to get close to the first he she meets. It's quite a heartache!"

Both the film company boss Alex Wong Hoi Fung and director Soi Cheang Po Shui felt tha Zhao Liying was the only choice. Cheang Po Shui said, "She is her own charm, and that unique luck with the audience, which is exactly what this character needs to be brought to live! The King and Zhao Liying, she finds a way for them to communicate."


BAD GENIUS' Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying

Huo Siyan's family of three
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Michelle Yeoh goes over her quota this year and makes 3 movies
Tse Kwan Ho and Kara Wai
Joan Chen
Jacquelin Chong
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The 2nd Macau International Film Festival award presentation and closing ceremony took place last night, Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King), Joan Chen, Kara Wai Ying Hung and Jacquelin Chong Si Man dressed up for the red carpet. Yeung Chi King said that this year she has worked a lot, including STAR TREK, CRAZY RICH ASIANS and CHEUNG TIN CHI. Previously she only worked on one movie a year, this year because many friends asked her to make movies, including Yuen Woo Ping asking her to make CHEUNG TIN CHI, she had no reason to turn them down. She revealed after finishing her work she would take a break for Christmas, firs she would return to Malaysia then go to Europe for a vacation.

Yen Chi Tan said that he was busy with his company's new film. In January next year he and Wong Jing will produce an action film with Teresa Mo Shun Kwan, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, and Niki Chow Lai Kei. He will have fight scenes. Yesterday he received the International Film Star of the Year award, but his family was not present. They went on vacation. Chi Tan mentioned that when his daughter was born he won the Hong Kong Film Award, when his son was born he also won another award; yesterday was James' 10th birthday and he received another award. His children all brought him good luck. As for how he would celebrate, he said that he would wait for his family to celebrate later.