Sunday, November 19, 2017


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Artists Ha Yu, Ashina Kwok Yui Sum, Jumbo Tsang Suk Nga and Kimi Chiu Wing Yiu two nights ago promoted their film. The new film's producer Ha Yu has been in show business for years and naturally has heard a lot of ghost stories. However he has never personally experienced any. "Maybe my yang is too strong, I have never run into anything like that. If you believe in this stuff you would easily see it, if you don't then it wouldn't be so easy." Kwok Yui Sum revealed that while shooting in Malaysia they worked on the niche. Although the location was a constructed set, the result was realistic and she felt the chill during the shoot. She also revealed her supernatural experience while visiting Thailand. "I didn't put on make up, the next day the make up bag for some reason was out. I heard people talking in the bathroom, but when I came out my friends said no one said anything."


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Ha Ji-Won, Zhang Hanyu, Stephy Qi
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The Media Asian film MANHUNT (JUI BO) two nights ago held its Hong Kong premiere. Mainland actors Zhang Hanyu, Stephy Qi Wei and Korean star Ha Ji-Won attended. The film was released simultaneously on both coasts of the Strait and Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, director John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) and lead actor Masaharu Fukuyama divided up the promotions and were unable to come to Hong Kong.

Ng Yu Sum has publicly praised Ha Ji-Won as the "female Chow Yun Fat", which made Ha Ji-Won so happy that she could not sleep. Ha Ji-Won admitted that she grew up on Hong Kong film. Her favorite Hong Kong actors were Chow Yun Fat and Stephen Chow Sng Chi. She was even fortunate enough to run into Fa Gor at the Shanghai Film Festval. Ha Ji-Won said that she has always liked to eat. When she came to Hong Kong she immediately tried Shanghai cuisine, but she ate too much. Her interest in Chinese food did not subside though. She said that normally she rarely cooked, at mos she would make spicy rice cakes every New Year.

Zhang Hanyu this time in the film performed Ken Takakura's film theme song. He also hummed a few bars at the premiere. He said that he already knew this song 40 years ago. Earlier he worked on the music video. When he recorded the song he did it many times and felt that being a singer was very hard. Zhang Hanyu said that this time had a lot of stunts but he was not an action actor. As soon as the film began he had to run from Masaharu Fukuyama nonstop, thus he was very tired. However he really liked this script and automatically took it.

Mainland actress Qi Wei had Japanese lines in the film, but she did not receive the last minute changes until before her performance. She tried to be professoinal and learn her lines as quickly as possible. In addition, soon after the shoot began the director added a lot of stunts for her to become an action sar. In another fight scene she was left with a scar on her forehead. At the time she did not dare to tell her mother. She said, "I am not a goddess anymore, a little scar wouldn't affect me much!"

Saturday, November 18, 2017


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ViuTV reportedly has already successfully landed the broadcast rights to two great Asian film industry events, including the 54th Golden Horse Award on the 25th and the 37th Hong Kong Film Award on April 15th, 2018.

Each year the Hong Kong Film Award broadcast rights would be open for bidding. Aside from the highest bid, the committee would also observe other conditions. If the news was true, ViuTV has won back the exclusive broadcast rights from TVB. ViuTv said, "Currently we have no comment, if we have news we would make an annoucement." In addition, ViuTV already has the right to the 54th Golden Horse Award and will air it live with nowTV on the 25th.

Friday, November 17, 2017


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Stephy Qi and Zhang Hanyu
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The John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) directed new version of MANHUNT will open in Hong Kong next Thursday, the 23rd. Recently the team has been promoting nonstop at the Venice, Toronto, Busan, London and Hong Kong international film festivals as raves rushed in like a tidal wave. Director Ng who just returned from promoting in Malaysia today would lead leads including Mainland Best Actor Zhang Hanyu, Korean film queen Ha Ji-Won and popular Mainland queen Stephy Qi Wei to the Hong Kong premiere.

MANHUNT aside from series of gun fights and car chases that would have the viewers' blood boiling, but also shot a large scale party that would be memorable at Japan's tallest skyscrapper and Osaka's new landmark Abeno Harukas building. Zhang Hanyu was lucky as Qi Wei caught his eyes in a red Chinese dress and fell in love at first dance; on the other hand international model Tao seduced him with another dance. Dance scenes probably would be no problem for Best Actor Zhang Hanyu, but on camera he appeared stiff. Actually it was all acting. "I felt that the character was a very serious tough guy and probably would not react to the seduction. He probably would not have any shaken expression or cute gesture."


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Louis Koo sits down despite the pain and even flashes a smile
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Kevin Cheng speaks up for his girlfriend 
Stephy Tang would not consider category III films until she is older
Louis Koo adds the flu and back problems to his eye injury
Julian Cheung
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Louis Koo Tin Lok, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Stephy Tang Lai Yun, Julian Cheung Chi Lam and others two nights ago attended the flm L STORM's wrap banquet. Still recovering from his eye injury Goo Jai caught the flu and spinal column dislocation, no wonder he looked exhausted. Ka Wing said that even with a new STORM film he would not recommend Grace Chan Hoi Lam to star because he would let her own work speaking for itself. Before the banquet began producer Raymond Wong Pak Ming and director David Lam Tak Luk announced that a fourth installment has already begun its preparation.

Earlier suffering an eye injury on the set, Koo Tin Lok still has not recovered. He needed sunglasses during the day and he estimated that he would need three or four more weeks before healing. Recently working on a movie in New Zealand, Goo Jai caught the flu as well. He helplessly said, "The temperature suddenly dropped and snow fell there. I carelessly caught a severe flu. Earlier I even lost my voice. Even two doses of antibiotics were useless. Earlier when I woke up my back hurt a lot. The diagnosis was spinal column misalignment. I couldn't sleep and even sitting hurt. I had to stand up, which meant I didn't get to sleep! This ailment has no cure. It is from soft issue friction between the columns, maybe it is related to all the action scene damages. I should be fine with more rests."

Goo Jai will soon work on an action film in Malaysia. He said that he might not be able to perform some stunts but he would do his best. Would he reduce his workload? Goo Jai said, "No, this situation occurs once or twice a year. It's related to the climate change. After a few days of rest I will be fine."

Cheng Ka Wing was asked if L STORM had a fourth installment would he recommend his girlfriend Chan Hoi Lam? Ka Wing said, "She can't possibly have more jobs, would she still need recommendations from others? She is working on television, film and attending events, everyone sees her every other day. Her work speaks for itself and doesn't need me to say more."

Speaking of TVB asking its female artists to be "less sexy", Ka Wing must be the happiest one? He said, "Why would you say that? I am a viewer too. I believe the television station has its own policy. I also understand that this decision is correct for the family viewing period. However I hope it won't be like what (Anthony) Wong Chau Sun said -- Miss Hong Kong would have to wear diving suits. I look forward to what next year's Miss Hong Kong would be like."

As for Chan Hoi Lam's special flight boarding privilege, Ka Wing said, "I heard her talk about it and knew what happened. It's pretty funny, the informant should clear up what is special privilege and consumer rights. The kind of ticket you get would determine benefits and servces. Everyone is the same time. This is the airline's business decision. (Did you feel bad for your girlfriend?) Artists would always experience stuff like this. This time was minor, she can learn from it."

Tang Lai Yun revealed that she would focus on film in the future and had no record plan. She had no new plan in singing, even if she might perform a musical it would involve acting. Stephy said, "I like to act." Would she have any daring performance? She said, "I can't accept category III films, my bottom line is no full nudity. I may only bare my back. Maybe I would consider it when I get older. (Is it age related?) By then it wouldn't matter, at an older age no one would ask me to bare it all, haha."


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Kris Wu, Lily Aldridge
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Shu Qi attends an event in Beijing
Kara Wai
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The 54th Golden Horse Award will take place next Saturday (the 25th). Two nights ago two Best Actress favorites Shu Qi and Kara Wai Ying Hung ran into each other as well attended a jewelry event at a new Beijing hotel with Kris Wu Yifan, model Lily Aldridge, socialite Tse Ling Ling and her daughter.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


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Ha Ji-Won makes a killer pose
Ha Ji-Won and John Woo make the heart gesture
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Director John Woo (Ng Yu Sum)'s MANHUNT (JUI BO) two days ago held its Malaysian premiere. Ng Yu Sum and Korean star Ha Ji-Won attended. They spoke from their hearts through a translator on the stage. Director Ng admitted that before working together he has never seen Ha Ji-Won's work and apologized to her; Ha Ji-Won expressed her admiration for the director and admitted that she was jealous of Director Ng's exchange with his daughter on the set.

Two days ago Ha Ji-Won often made the "heart giving" gesture and made the audience scream. Director Ng despite his age followed suit. Then when he met the audience and posed for photos with them he would automatically make the gesture, much to Ha Ji-Won's surprise. Then the director pointed at Ha Ji-Won and told reporters, "She taught me this gesture! I just learned it!"

Director Ng was asked if he spoke any Korean with Ha Ji-Won? He demonstrated his usual greeting. Ha Ji-Won was asked to greet everyone in Chinese and luckily she complied. Then the host asked Ha Ji-Won to make a killer pose and she also did it, but she cracked up as she did. Before the pose she even performed a serious of gun pulling gestures, just like in the director's A BETTER TOMORROW. The audience applauded.

The director at the same time praised Ha Ji-Won for her charm during the shoot and her great agility. She almost did not need any stunt double assistance at all as she did all of her own stunts. Did Ha Ji-Won get hurt on the set? She said no because the Japanese team was rather protective. Before every shoot they would be fully prepared so she was able to complete all the stunts successfully. MANHUNT wll hold a premiere in Hong Kong Saturday. Zhang Hanyu, Ha Ji-Won and Stephy Qi Wei will appear.