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The film INTEGRITY (LIM JING FUNG MO YIN MOK) starred Sean Lau Ching Wan, Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Karena Lam Ka Yun. The production is heating up. After Anita Yuen Wing Yi's special performance, Best Actress Lam Ka Yun joined the team. After a few days in production, the Hong Kong production wrapped. Ka Yun would then follow the team to Australia for location shoot. Ka Yun in the film played a couple with Lau Ching Wan. Although they did not spend a lot of time together, during the final scene at the ICAC headquarters, Ka Yun grabbed Ching Wan by the arm for a photo as she was reluctant to part with him. This was Ka Yun's first collaboration with Ching Wan, no wonder she turned into a little fan and asked for photo with her idol.

Ka Yun will leave Hong Kong for half a month, of course sh would miss her daughters the most. However Ka Yun said, "I think about the positive, after the Australian shoot I can spend the summer with my daughters." As for Ching Wan, he would not need to shoot on location but had many scenes in Hong Kong. He constantly had to perform solo. Ching Wan did all his homework and carried the movie. Now finally he could relax! Alex Fong Chung Shun who also wrapped up his production was rather excited. Chung Shun sweats a lot and did not like the heat. Each time working in the summer he would not feel great. Now he could finally relax a little after the wrap and spend the summer with his daughter.

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Teresa Mo
Corinna Chamberlain
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Teresa Mo Shun Kwan and Corinna Chamberlain (Chan Ming Yun) yesterday attended a Radio Hong Kong equal opportunity employment event. Mo Mo Said that as a result of starring in TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY (WONG GUM FA), she brought a lot of attention from the community to the autism problem and attracted many charity organizations' invitations for her to participate in charity event. She said, "Film really is very powerful, like it is speaking of many of the weak. Actually Hong Kong also has many stories of people and groups that care. If I have time I would support them, as they are very meaningful."

Mo Mo said that despite winning the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress with the film, her future film choices would not be affected. "I take roles mainly due to the script. I really like comedy too, making people laugh isn't easy. If it's realistic and able to make society think then it's even better. I am a little greedy in this aspect." She revealed that lately she received some scripts, she would consider productions in Hong Kong first. She said, "I am busy with a food related project." Would she open a restaurant? She said, "Probably, but it won't be a supper club. I will make the announcement in June or July."


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Chow Yun Fat turned 63 two days ago. This Year Fat Soh planned a surprise party for her husband and invited many friends. The most surprising was Patrick Tse Yin's appearance. "Birthday boy" Fat Gor that was danced and sang with friend. He even promised to take Sei Gor hiking in October, as he joked that they could go up to the hill to see fairies.

Fat Soh two days ago held a surprise birthday party for her husband and invited the producer of Fat Gor's film PROJECT GUTENBERG (MO SEUNG) Ronald Wong Ban, director Felix Chong Man Keung, "fellow hikers" Liu Kai Chi, Alex Fong Chung Shun, Edko Film boss Bill Kong Chi Keung and photographer Anthony Pun (Poon Yiu Ming). The most surprising was the appearance of Tse Yin.

Fat Soh arrived at the hotel hours before to prepare. The birthday cake was a likeness of her and Fat Soh on a park bench and said "Wish you Happy Birthday, Good Health, Dreams Come True, PROJECT GUTENBERG unstoppable at the box office, sweeping across the globe and creating highest records." Fat Gor also admitted that his wife successfully surprised him. He said, "I thought it was just dinner with a few friends, I completely didn't know that the boss, the producer, actors and Sei Gor would be here. I am very happy. My birthday wish is to be able to run the hills and see fairies, living a beautiful life in the hills. It is very happy!"

Fat Gor taught Sei Gor how to jog in place, and the mischievous Sei Gor misbehaved. He also had a fitness competition with Fat Gor; when Uncle Chi performed THE BUND, Fat Gor clapped and sang along. After a few verses he even invited Sei Gor to do the twist. Sei Gor naturally complied.

Fat Gor said that the last time he and Sei Gor had dinner was months ago. He really wanted to bring the joy of hiking to Sei Gor so he set a "date in October". "With the October Autumn wind hiking would be more comfortable, that way he wouldn't say he has nothing to do at his age. For the rest of my life I would take care of just Tse Yin. Now we start with five to ten minutes. I will take him to the hills to see fairies."


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The Felix Chong Man Keung directed, Chow Yun Fat, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Zhang Jingchu starred film PROJECT GUTENBERG (MO SEUNG) will open on September 30th. The film company even released a trailer and poster. After working together in COLD WAR 2 (HONG JIN 2), Fat Gor and Sing Sing had many scenes together this time. In the film Fat Gor played a counterfeit currency organization mastermind "Painter", while Sing Sing played a clueless painter as they teamed up to create a super realistic counterfeit currency.

With many gun fight scenes Fat Gor looked very heroic and inevitably reminded people of Mark Gor in A BETTER TOMORROW. In one scene Fa Gor light a cigarette with fake U.S. currency, which felt like a homage to BETTER! In addition, the film was shot on location in Hong Kong, Canada and Thailand and had three major gun fights. In the trailer the rocket blast took place in Thailand.


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Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi) and Benny Lau Wai Heng two nights ago attended their film WHEN SUN MEETS MOON (MAU YUT MAU YUE)'s special screening. Former DJ Lau Wai Heng's director turn received support from 80s and 90s singers like Rita Carpio (Wai Yi Shan), Sarah Wong Bo Yan, Timonthy Wong Yik, Elaine Ho Yuen Ying, Jacqueline Man Pui Ling even brought her daughter. On such a rare occasion to get together, they naturally had to talk about their past.

Lead actress Tong Yi said that earlier when she attended the cinema audience appreciation, she was surprised to see a male viewer in tears. She said, "Because the movie is very touching, with a lot of family, or everyone might have experienced long distance relationship and it is a school story, so it is easy to relate." In real life she said that she has not experienced long distance love but believed that she would be able to accept it, because having her space and distance she would be better. Instead seeing each other everyday the relationship would become a habit you become accustomed to. Would she not want to be too dependent on her ten year boyfriend Ken Hung Cheuk Lap? Tong Yi said that she has always been independent and would play the role of a caregiver. The most important in a relationship was communication, not to throw a tantrum or end up in an argument whenever problems arose. Although they have been together for ten years, Tong Yi was in no hurry to wed. She and boyfriend have an understanding to continue to work hard on her career, before age 35 they would not consider marriage.

Wai Yi Shan and Wong Bo Yan both said that seeing the film poster they would be reminded of her first love. The former who starting working very early on said that her first love was not romantic at all, maybe becaus she was more tomboyish. Wong Bo Yan said that information technology was not as developed back then, often she had to hold a pillow and wait for his call at home. Wai Yi Shan said, "After I started working a guy wanted to pursue me and constantly wanted to ask me out; but back then I had to work and sing, after work I would rather go home and sleep. Finally he really waited for me to wake up. However he asked for a month before I agreed."


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Jet Li earlier posted a photo of him from a Mainland event
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The 55 year old martial art film star Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit)'s health has been a concern in recent years. Some said that years ago after coming down with hyperthyroidism, he could not do any extrenous exercise and needed medication. Thus he looked swollen, fatter and his heart had problems. Recently a photo of him went viral as he had white hair, he was hitched over when he walked and required assistance. Some said that he looked like a 70 year old grandpa. At first they were unable to recognize him. However days ago when he attended a Mainland event, he appeared in good spirit and not as old. Thus controversy ensued.

The viral photo reportedly was taken while he was in Tibet. Fans surrounded Lee Nin Kit that day as he thanked everyone for how well everyone treated him.


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Aimee Chan had a long distance romance but nothing came out of it
Kathy Yuen has no generation gap while playing a couple with Daichi Harashima
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Aimee Chan Yan Mei, Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi) and director Benny Lau Wai Heng yesterday promoted their film WHEN SUN MEETS MOON (MAU YUT MAU YUET) on the radio. The director said that because Daichi Harashima had school in Japan he would not be able to promote in Hong Kong until next week.

Aimee said that the story took place in 1992. She played Daichi's secondary school teacher, who taught him to puruse Tong Yi and developed a long distance relationship. She felt that if a relationship was worth it she would have to persist. Has Aimee had any long distance romance? She revealed that she has. "When I was younger I have. Back then it was still the ICQ age. We would type on the computer. At the time there wasn't as much new technology, so we would personally write letters. I felt handwritten letters were very romantic. In the end of course nothing came of it." Would she support her children to develop long distance romance? She said, "I would have no way to stop them. Now everything changes so fast. If they find someone worth waiting for, it would be very rare and they have to cherish it."

Aimee admitted that she waned to make more movies. "I want to come back to work. I have had the acting bug for so long. TVB has asked me, but I have children to take care of. I don't want my family to accommodate me too much." Lau Wai Heng praised Aimee as very hard working and professional. Each time at work she would already be familiarized with the script, and she did not mind looking outdated.

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The Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi) and Daichi Harashima starred Emperor Motion Picture WHEN SUN MEETS MOON (MAU YUT MAU YUET) will open soon. Due to the film's 90s background, the film company released YES! card at different cinemas to bring back everyone's memory from their youth. To further ignite the fever, it made WHEN SUN MEETS MOON film special edition YES! card.

Tong Yi put on a school uniform again and appeared in a store that was full of nostalgia for a promotion film shoot. Tong Yi said that she never thought that she would be able to become a YES! card star. She said, "When I was in school I didn't have much allowance. If I twisted one that I didn't really like, I would exchange it with my sister for YES! cards of idols like (Vivian) Chow Wai Man and (Charlie) Yeung Choi Nei, or used several ordinary blank cards to exchange for a matte card; I never expected to be able to see my own YES! card today. That glitter card with me and Daichi stargazing is especially pretty."


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Benjamin Yuen's father "Tai Gor" passed away
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Benjamin Yuen Wai Ho yesterday morning posted on social media that his father "Tai Gor" succumbed to cancer. Yuen Wai Ho posted many photos of father, like photos of him and his father, family photos, and his father in his police uniform in his youth.


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Willie Wai Kar Hung yesterday attended the film MMA DIVA (GIK DAU NUI SUN) production start ceremony as his co-stars Margiela Kwok Sze Lam, Luvin Ho (Ching Wai), Wiyona Yeung Lau Ching and Giselle Lam Wai Sin surrounded him. Would Wai Ka Hung have to a beating in the film/ He said, "I am guest starring as a manager, I don't have to fight. If I don't perform well then the boss and the director would hit me. I rarely am surrounded by so many girls, I really like it. (Are you worried that your fiance would be jealous?) No, I am just working. She is very gracious. She probably believes that few would have their eyes on me." He revealed that he was planning for the wedding to take place on October 6th, but he did not know whether he would be able to book a location.


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Hideki Saijo received painful treatment everyday for his comeback
Hideki Saijo wed in 2001
Hideki Saijo performed in Hong Kong in 1982
Hideki Saijo came to Hong Kong in 2007 to attend the IFPI record sales awards
Hideki Saijo starred in ANGELS with Moon Lee and Alex Fong Chung Shun
Anita Mui was a fan and even appeared on television with Hideki Saijo
In CHIBI MARIKO-CHAN, Sakiko is a fan of Hideki Saijo. In real life, its creator Momoko Sakura is also a fan and even asked Hideki Saijo to perform the end credit song
Norika Fujiwara worked with Hideki Saijo on a musical
New Gansanke Hideki Saijo, Hiromi Go and Goro Noguchi
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Japanese singer Hideki Saijo passed away from heart failure two nights ago around 11:53PM Japan time at age 63. In his over 40 year music career, in the 70s he adapted the song YOUNG MAN (YMCA) and became famous all over Asian. He also had quite a connection with Hong Kong. Aside from performing many times in Hong KOng and even making a Hong Kong film, he was also linked to the late diva Anita Mui Yim Fong.

Originally named Tatsuo Kimoto, Hideki Saijo on the 25th suddenly lost consciousness while with his family and was sent to a Yokohama hospital for treatment. Around 11:53PM due to acute heart failure he passed away at age 63. His family will hold a viewing on the 25th in Tokyo and the funeral the next day.

Born in Hiroshima in 1955, Hideki Saijo went to Tokyo and in 1972 at age 17 he becam a singer. With his fierce dancing and energetic singing style he was very popular with young women. Starting around the same time as Hiromi Go and Goro Noguchi, the trio was known as the New Gosanke. At age 19 in 1974 Saijo already appeared in his first KOHAKU UTA GASSEN, he appeared on KOHAKU 18 times. Takng Saijo to the peak of his career of course was his 1979 adaptation of Village People's song YMCA, YOUNG MAN (YMCA). During the performance he used his body to spell out YMCA, which was popular across generations. He also received a Japan Song Award for it.

Other Saijo songs like KIZUDARAKE NO LOLA became classics. His work was also often adapted by Hong Kong singers, like Roman Tam (Law Man)'s GOOD SONG DEDICATED TO YOU and LET ME RUN, Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's EDGE OF THE FIRE and LOVE. Starting in 1981, Saijo performed in Hong Kong five times. The most recent time was in March 2007 when he attended the IFPI Hong Kong record sales award presentation. He even teamed up with Alex Fong Chung Shun and Moon Lee Choi Fung on the Hong Kong film ANGEL (TIN SI HUNG DUNG). In addition Saijo also appeared on Hong Kong televsion, as he accepted a gold record from his fan Mui Yim Fong.

Unfortunately, in the past decade or so Saijo suffered two stroke as his health fell into a low. In July 2003, Saijo suddenly suffered a stroke while performing in Korea. His facial muscles were damaged and he required long term treatment. Optimistic, he wrote upon his comeback, DON'T GIVE UP -- THE CHALLENGE OF A STROKE to encourage stroke patients. In 2011 he suffered another stroke and numbness in the right half of his body afterward. He required long term hospital care as he bid farewell temporarily to music. After completing his treatment Saijo returned to the stage as his determination was praised. In October last year he even performed a concert and released his 45h anniversary DVD.

New Gansake's Hiromi Go issued a statement to express his sorrow. "In my heart, Goro (Noguchi) is the big brother, the second brother is Hideki, I am the youngest. Hideki left first, which broke my heart. When I started, he told a completely ignorant me, 'Hiromi, if you don't understand anything just ask me.' I would never forget that for the rest of my life." Norika Fujiwara, Saijo's co-star in a musical in 2011, issued a statement, "Saijo is forever a superstar in our hearts. Thank you."


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SAM AND TAM HAPPY TOGETHER PART II concerts will take place between August 5th and 12th. Yesterday at the press conference, Sam Hui Koon Kit and Alan Tam Wing Lun appeared in courier uniforms and performed a preview. Sam played his guitar and performed WORLD LIKE CHESS, Beatles hits and FRIENDS. Sam even suggested to Sunny Wong for a sexy choreography at the concert. Would Alan dance? He asked, "Do I pole dance?"

The host asked Hui Koon Kit and Tam Wing Lun if they owed a lot of tickets. Alan joked that Sam has many relatives in Hawaii. Sam said that he would give his all because this time part II would be different from part I. Alan said, "Last year Sam only used 1/3 of his hits, he still has 2/3. This time will truly be a hit open archive. To sing them all though would take more than a week!" Sam said, "I would say the other 2/3 of the songs, some old songs would have new lyrics. I hope the audience would get a sense of freshness!" Alan said, "Sam's songs are very philosophical, heartwarming and inspirational!" Today tickets to the 8 shows would go on sale. Would they add more show? Alan joked not to add day shows as he wanted Sam to have time for his grandchildren. Sam said, "If it's fun I would add as many shows as I can!" Then they received gold microphones from the event and cut the delivery plane cake.

Alan said that part II would have different hits from last year's. Every night would have different songs. Was he afraid of not remembering lyrics? He said, "Don't be silly! Remembering lyrics? Science is so advanced now, if I have to remember I won't perform!" How many songs would they sing? He said that he and Sam prepared 200 songs, but Sam said that because of too many songs, many would only be half a song. Alan also said that this time would have a lot of choreography. Sam even asked Sunny Wong to make it hot. Sam said, "Yes, more hot choreography. I like to move, more action would be more entertaining!" Would Alan be a dancer? Alan asked, "Do I pole dance?"

Two months away from the concerts, Sam's goal was to lose 10 mor pounds. Alan said that Sam keeps fit, while he keeps fat. However earlier when he performed outdoors in the Mainland, his underwear was all wet just from him getting on and off stage. At night he went to celebrate and had seven bowls of pepper hog maw soup and lost 10 pounds in a day. He also said that Sam was already in great shape 3 months ago, he did not need to lose anything and only had to tone because he was already good looking and sweet sounding. Sam said, "My mouth is very sweet, haha! Actually I just kept going to the gym and didn't deliberately drop any weight!" Would Sam ask his colleague to get into shape? Alan said, "He is my idol, if he asks I definitely would. He hasn't though, so I let it go. Everyone is better that way!" Sam also protected Alan, "Actually he doesn't really need to lose anything, after one show he could already lose several pounds!"

As for additional shows, Alan said that it would depend. At most they could only add a few shows and probably no day show. Mainly he did not want to keep Sam from his grandchildren. Alan joked, "It would depend on whether Sam would lose his pants, whether he would lose his pants from being chased!"

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[2018.05.17] FOR THE WEEK ENDING MAY 13 2018

For the week ending Sunday May 13 2018
Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Movies Hong Kong

    d. Coralie Fargeat
    Matilda Lutz, Kevn Janssens, Vincent Colombe

  Can : Kua Yuen 8 Nin Dik Sun Leung
  Lit : The Bride Who Leaps Over 8 Years
    d. Takahisa Zeze
    Takeru Satoh, Tao Tsuchiya
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 119 mins.
  Opening May 10 2018
  Trailer :

    Hisashi and Mai are set to have their wedding ceremony in 3 months, but Mai falls ill and lapses into a coma. Hisashi does not give up on his fiance and prays for her recovery. Finally, Mai wakes up, but she doesn't have any memory of Hisashi.

    d. Greg Berlanti
    Nick Robinson, Jennifer Garner, Josh Duhamel, Katherine Langford

    d. John Krasinski
    Emily Blunt, John Krasinski

    d. Takashi Yamazaki
    Masato Sakai, Mitsuki Takahata
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 129 mins.
  Opening May 10 2018
  Trailer :

    When young Akiko marries mystery author Masakazu Isshiki and moves in with him in Kamakura, her way of life becomes a constant source of amazement. A simple stroll through the streets brings her into contact with supernatural creatures such as spirits, goblins, ghosts, and not-grim-at-all reapers. As Akiko learns very quickly, Kamakura is a place where humans and non-humans live side-by-side in harmony. One morning, Masakazu awakes to find that Akiko has disappeared. The only trace of her is a loving letter to her husband... It seems that Akiko has met an unfortunate accident, died, and departed for the netherworld. Upon losing his wife, Masakazu realizes for the first time how much he loves her. To bring Akiko back to life, he decides to journey to the netherworld himself. What awaits Masakazu there are the supernatural creatures who took away his wife, and someone else he recognizes... At last, the destiny of the desperate Isshikis will reveal itself.

  Can : Dai Ak Cho
  Lit : Trough
    d. Nick Cheung Ka Fai
    Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Xu Jinglei, Yu Nan, He Jiong, Michael Miu Kiu Wai,
      Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Maggie Cheung Ho Yi, Lam Suet
  Rating : IIB
  Opening May 3 2018
  Trailer :

    Yu Chau is a cop who has gone so deep undercover within the triad. He can no longer tell which side of the law he’s on. When he accidentally kills one of his pals in an operation, he runs off into the boonies to lick his wounds. Upon his return, he teams up with fellow officers Jim and Jackie to catch a triad Boss, only to unveil collusion with government officials at the highest level. Yu Chau once again faces the dilemma of taking the law into his own hands...

    d. Anthony and Joe Russo
    Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans
      Scarlett Johansson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Don Cheadle, Tom Holland,
      Chadwick Boseman, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Anthony Mackie,
      Sebastian Stan, Danai Gurira, Letitia Wright, Dave Bautista,
      Zoe Saldana, Josh Brolin, Chris Pratt,
      Benedict Wong, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff