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Michelle Wai and Simon Yam wish everyone a lucky Year of the Dog
Michelle Wai comes from a big clan, the Lunar New Year visits are the most cheerful
Simon Yam after relaxing with his family a little will return to work right away
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Film star Simon Yam Tat Wa and Michelle Wai Sze Nga had a May December romance in the Lunar New Year film A BEAUTIFUL MOMENT (NGOR DIK CHING DIK NUI SAI). In real life, Yam Tat Wa was a great husband and father. At the end of last year he celebrates a White Christmas with his wife Qi Qi and their daughter in Finland. In the Lunar New Year he would continue to travel. "Earlier we went someplace cold, for the New Year I could find some place to sweat. It would be the best to be over 40 degrees (Celsius) above. I would go to the park with my daughter, play music and jump rope together. I would go for 10 days to relax a little! When I get back I will work on a new film with (Francis) Ng Chun Yu and Wang Qianyuan."

As for Wai Sze Nga, she said that last year was a fulfilling one as she made five movies and completed her goal of challenging different characters. She wished that she would be able to continue to have new attempts this year.


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Ng Siu Hin worked on his first Lunar New Year film A BEAUTIFUL MOMENT (NGOR DIK CHING DIK NUI SAI). Aside from working with Carina Lau Ka Ling again, he even had scenes with guest star Joey Yung Tso Yi. In the film Hin Jai played a fish ball vendor, who ran into music diva Yung Tso Yi. He even sang Joey's classic song with a group of vendor friends to express his love for her. Hin Jai said, "My first Lunar New Year film was a lot of fun because the most primary mission was for a group of people to create a cheerful atmosphere. I only found out about the mystery guest would be Joey on the set. My friend really likes her, and I almost express love to her for my friend!"

In addition, the set also had many different street snacks like egg waffle. However Hin Jai actually said that he was still hungry. He said that luckily Sister Ka Ling was there to save him. "When I got to the set I greeted Sister Ka Ling, someone just happened to buy a big tray of snacks for Sister Ka Ling."


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Dayo Wong successfully shakes off the "box office poison" title and will hold an online question and answer segment with Charmaine Sheh tonight
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The Lunar New Year film AGENT MR. CHAN (DUNG DUK DUT GUNG) opened on the Lunar New Year's Eve (February 15th). With the Lunar New Year's Day, its two day opening box office and the Valentine's Day advanced screenings accumulated over HK$ 11 million in Hong Kong and Macau as it became the top Chinese Lunar New Year film on both days. AGENT opened simultaneously in Hong Kong and Macau. With its third day in release yesterday and the box office projection, its box office should have no problem with reaching HK$ 15 million.

With AGENT becoming a box office hit, Dayo Wong Tze Wah successfully broke the curse and rid himself of the "box office poison" title as he and Charmaine Sheh Sze Man both landed in the 10 million box office mark. Tze Wah and Ah Sheh both were encouraged about the performance. Today on the Lunar 3rd (February 18th) Tze Wah and Ah Sheh would hold an online appreciation event and answer questions online. AGENT will not open in the Mainland until after the Lunar New Year.

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The cast surprises the audience
Dayo Wong and Charmaine Sheh are happy about the box office success of the film
Justin Cheung and girlfriend Kelly Chen Ka Lei
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The stand up comedy god Dayo Wong Tze Wah starred Lunar New Year film accumulated over HK$ 10 million from its Valentine's Day advanced screenings, its opening two days ago and the Lunar New Year's Day yesterday, finally avenging his directed and starred film FIGHTING TO SURVIVIE's HK$ 110,000 box office shame and ridding himself of the "box office title"! Tze Wah two nights ago attended the audience appreciation event.

Tze Wah two nights ago with Sheh Sze Man, C Kwan, Justin Cheung Kin Sing and Kelly Chen Ka Lei attended their new film AGENT MR. CHAN's audience appreciation event in Mongkok. Tze Wah said that good audience reaction and said, "I am happy, I read their online reaction. (Are you pleased with your box office?) I don't get to not be pleased, I am new in film. Such a performance is great. This is just a start, I hope to have a next step! (Can you get rid of the 'box office poison' title?) I am the happiest about that the audience know this film is a comedy, but not absurdity. It is a serious movie! (Ah Sheh is lucky for you?) That goes without saying, for the next installment Ah Sheh save a place for me!" Tze Wah said passing 10 million at the box office, "I have to sincerely thank the audience and so many superstars in the film for their support. I hope to be able to like Mr. Chan in the film, people can take a look at themselves and world peace!"

Sheh Sze Man said that she was very honored to work with Tze Wah again and said just like him she rushed to the movie after having dinner with her family. Cheung Kin Sing said that he was so busy that he did not have time to spend with girlfriend Chen Ka Lei on Valentine's Day. C Kwan revealed that he will work on the Cheung Kin Sing produced new film.

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Adult video goddess Yui Hatano, actor Justin Cheung Kin Sing two nights ago attended the "Valentine's Day" audience appreciation event for their Lunar New Year film AGENT MR. CHAN (DUNG DUK DUT GUNG). Cheung Kin Sing greeted Yui Hatano in Japanese and even daringly asked her to hold his arm for photos. Sweating bullets from nerves, Cheung Kin Sing was asked if he was afraid that his girlfriend Kelly Chen Ka Lei would grab him by the ear. He joked, "Since I am out on the streets I expect to have to give something back. Should I tell you when I am kneeling on glass? I am even more nervous than making a movie. On Valentine's Day I can't be with my girlfriend, but I am with the goddess of Brothers. I am honored for the Brothers. I hope that everyone would continue to notice her work!"

He also joked that he would complain to the director about having too few scenes with her. Did they have any physical contact? He said, "Yes, eye contact. With imagination, then we had a lot of contact."

Yui Hatano yesterday already returned to Japan. She was very popular with the men during the event. She said in Cantonese, "How are you, are you here to support me? Remember to watch (the movie). I am very happy to come to Hong Kong and meet everyone. Happy Valentine's Day."

In addition, the Dayo Wong Tze Wah and Charmaine Sheh Sze Man starred AGENT officially opened on the Lunar New Year's Eve. Two days ago on Valentine's Day its advanced screening single day Hong Kong and Macau total box office reached HK$ 2,702,789. Tze Wah's film FIGHTING TO SURVIVE total box office was only HK$ 175,580, since then he was called the "box office poison". Now that AGENT's single day advanced screening box office already exceeded 15 times of FIGHTING, Tze Wah thus rid himself of the title.

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Tony Leung Chiu Wai wishes everyone always a smile
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Tony Leung Chiu Wai just finished his Lunar New Year film MONSTER HUNT 2's Mainland promotion and returned to Hong Kong to celebrate the Lunar New Year. He and other actors including Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Tony Yang, Chris Lee Yuchun, theme song performers Jolin Tsai and Mayday wished the audience an early Happy, Lucky and Wealthy New Year.

Leung Chiu Wai in the film played a swindler who excelled in escaping. He had many escape scenes, for which the action director praised his professionalism and top notch attitude as he did not need cushions for his stunts. He once worried that performing with just the air, model or imagination would not be good enough, but the director gave him the affirmation he needed.


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The film THE MONKEY KING 3 (SAI YAU GEI NUI YI GOK)'s Mainland Valentine's Day shows went on sale and in an hour its box office already exceeded 100 million RMB. Although both THE MONKEY KING (DAI LAU TIN GUNG) and THE MONKEY KING 2 (SAM DA BAK GWUT JING) broke the 1.2 billion RMB mark at the box office, director Soi Cheang Pou Soi still was surprised but pleased.

Last year the Spring Festival box office reached 6.3 billion RMB, making the 2018 Lunar New Year box office even more of a battlefield. As for this New Year's 8 billion RMB new record target, Cheang Pou Soi said, "The Mainland market is large, its development potential is bottomless. As long as a film has a guaranteed quality, anything is possible."


Dada Chan shares some vacation photos to celebrate the Lunar New Year's Eve
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Dada Chan spends several hours for a few lines of animation voice work
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Dada Chan Jing in the Lunar New Year animation film OZZY provided her voice for the first time as the leader of a group of dogs. This prison boss was actually a chihuahua. She even had to perform in a masculine voice. Dada said that at first she thought she only had a few lines, she did not expect to dub for five hours. She said, "For the first time at voice work the hardest is to synchronize with the lips. In addition I had to deepen my voice as much as I could to speak. Luckily the director gave me a lot of suggestions and it felt pretty fun."

Today is the Lunar New Year's Eve, Dada said that this year she would celebrate with a family vacation to enjoy the sun and the sand. She prepared many swimsuits in various style. Would she shoot a photo book? She said that she would only take photos for herself to enjoy. This trip would be all girls with her mother and sisters. Was she afraid of more photobooks at her age? Dada said, "No, sometimes when I took photos on small islands I would share them on IG. However work would be a little boring with more of that. I hope to be able to choose even more new challenges. I don't want to repeat or just give sexy performance so I have turned down a lot of opportunities." She stated that she did not mind giving up the chance to make money. Actually she could make less and spend less, since she did not spend a lot anyway.

In June Dada would have a new challenge as she would gain 20 pounds for a woman film. She would have to drop back to her original weight in a month to continue the shoot. She said, "Because it's very hard for me to get thin, the director didn't shoot the skinny transformation scenes in advance. Instead I would have to lose 20 pounds to return to my original work." Was she worried that she would become depressed from such a drastic weight loss in such a short time? Dada admitted that she has considered this problem. The team's advanced explanation already prepared her mentally, but it still would be a great challenge.


Simon Yam, Wu Wai Hong, Carina Lau, Patrick Kong and Michelle Wai visit the New Year flower market
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Yeung, Patrick Tse and Elaine Lok show their support
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Alex Fong Lik Sun, Ivana Wong, Michelle Wai, Simon Yam, Carina Lau, Patrick Kong cut a cake to celebrate the Valentine's Day
Is Carina Lau giving the heart gesture to her husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai?
Natalie Tong wants old flame Tony Hung to get his own ticket to show his support for her Lunar New Year film
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The Lunar New Year film A BEAUTIFUL MOMENT (NGOR DIK CHING DIK NUI SAI) yesterday visited the Victoria Park New Year Market. Carina Lau Ka Ling, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Michelle Wai Sze Nga, Wu Wai Hong and director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) checked out the stalls and drew a crowd of onlookers. They went to buy lucky license plates, Brother Wa treated everyone to fruit juice then shopped for the Lunar New Year. Brother Wa revealed that he forgot to give flowers to his wife Qi Qi yesterday on Valentine's Day. Ka Ling joked that he had to buy a home to make up for it and Brother Wa agreed, "Let's see where she likes in the world and we will get it!"

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. Ka Ling said that she spent it at work. Although her husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai just returned to Hong Kong, they stayed home and did not have any special celebration. Ka Ling said that last night she had to attend the premiere, when she got home it was already very late. They only had some champagne to celebrate. However she did prepare a thoughtful gift for her husband. Speaking of Wai Jai's short hair cut, would she give him hair? Ka Ling said, "His hairstyle is pretty!" Would she give him a movie ticket? She said that Wai Jai probably would pay for one to support her.

Brother Wa forgot to give his wife Qi Qi flowers on Valentine's Day. When Qi Qi handed him flowers he realized that he was in big trouble. Finally he snuck a kiss to make up for it. "Normally I am very romantic, this time I really was caught with my pants down!" Ka Ling joked, "Buy a home to make up for it!" Brother Wa said, "I have the sincerity. I decide to make more movies in 2019 to save money and buy one for her. Let's see where she likes in world and we will buy one!" However Wai Sze Nga spent Valentine's Day alone. Ka Ling did not believe that she did not have a boyfriend. Sze Nga said, "Luckily tonight is the premiere, we can spend it together!" Reporters asked Ka Ling to introduce men to her. Ka Ling said that they were different in age, while Brother Wa recommended Alex Fong Lik Sun. He said tha they could go swimming together. Sze Nga said, "Now the entire Hong Kong seems to be my matchmaker!" Brother Wa asked if Fong Lik Sun met her criteria? Sze Nga said, "Today I am not talking about that, let's talk about the flower market, the premiere!"

Ka Ling said that actually she has not been to the flower market in years. Yesterday she experienced the cheerful atmosphere and felt great, but she did her Lunar New Year shopping early. Brother Wa has been to the flower market since he was little, but in the past few years he did not have the time to. However as an ordinary person yesterday he came for a lucky strode with everyone and have a good time with all of Hong Kong.

Sze Nga said that every Lunar New Year's Eve she would go to the Victoria Park New Year Market. Someone advised her not to buy peach blossom but to steal one to place next to her lucky money or under her pillow, naturally the peach blossom luck would come. Brother Wa condemned her and said, "Don't do anything illegal, if you want peach blossoms I can shoot some pictures for you!" Sze Nga said that actually she wanted to try to set up a food stall a the Victoria Park market next year. Brother Wa joked, "If you sell peach blossoms people may steal them all and you would lose everything. Since you make so much anyway you don't care about that!" Reporters said that actually Brother Wa was the richest with properties all around the world. Brother Wa joked, "My 10 homes aren't as expensive as Ka Ling's one. Mine are all tiny!" Ka Ling jokingly yelled at Brother Wa, "What are you saying? Don't be so loud, then people would say I am a multimillionaire!" Sister Ka Ling also comforted Sze Nga and said that her peach blossoms at home were very pretty and she could "donate" peach blossoms, which were tried and true. Sze Nga joked, "That's great! I finally have something to do for the New Year. I can pay Sister Ka Ling a Lunar New Year visit at home!" Brother Wa also sad that next year he would open a peach blossom orchard, buy land to plant peach blossoms then give them to everyone!


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Raymond Chiu pretends to embrace Yui Hatano, much to the envy of many men
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he new film AGENT MR. CHAN (DUNG DUK DUT GUNG)'s Japanese adult video actress Yui Hatanotwo nights ago promoted at the Victoria Park Lunar New Year flower market with Raymond Chiu Wing Hung. Chiu Wing Hung taught Yui Hatano to say New Spring greetings in Cantonese like "Gung Hei Fat Choi" and Happy New Year. Yui admitted that Cantonese was very hard to learn but Chiu Wing Hung praised her for speaking it very well.

Having been to Hong Kong four times already, Yui felt tha Hong Kong men were very gentle and attentive. She would like to visit Hong Kong again if the opportunity would arise again. She lamented on Valentine's Day yesterday tha she has not dated in ten years and felt lonely. However she would go to the movies for audience appreciation events. Yui also said that she would not mind finding a Hong Kong companion. As for what she was looking for, Chiu Wing Hung taught Yui to choose him. Yui said, "That's right, Chiu Wing Hung during the shoot took great care of me and brought me into character. He was very gentle and very attentive." Chiu Wing Hung said that in the new film he only had a little physical contact with Yui but did not have any intimate scene. He praised her for her professionalism. Has he seen Yui's performance before? He joked, "I haven't followed them, does anyone have a private collection to show me? This time the director arranged for little physical contact, so I could only make a few more bad takes."


Louis Cheung says that he and his wife Kay Tse have an united stance
Cecilia So
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Dayo Wong praises C Kwan for being to succeed him and Carol Cheng.
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Dayo Wong tells C Kwan to work behind the scenes and ask Carol Cheng to invest in making him and Charmaine Sheh popular
Louis Cheung says that his wife Kay Tse only wants everyone to be healthy when she shares her view on vaccines online
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Dayo Wong Tze Wah, Charmaine Sheh Sze Man, Cheng Sze Kwan (C Kwan), Cecilia So Lai Shan, Joyce Cheng Yun Yi, Yui Hatano, Benz Hui Siu Hung, Tang Siu Chuen, Michael Ning (Bak Ji), Lam Suet, and Larine Tang Yueping two nights ago attended the AGENT MR. CHAN (DUNG DUK DUT GUNG) premiere. Tze Wah and Ah Sheh arrived in an Aston Martin. Yun Yi performed the film theme song live. She joked, "When I sing I imagine I am Adele, Fei Ma (Maria Cordero) or To Lai Sha (Teresa Carpio)."

At the premiere C Kwan jokingly asked Tze Wah about his salary. Tze Wah joked that it was double C Kwan's, but he has been in the business for over 30 years and C Kwan only 3; so the world belonged to the young. After the ceremony Tze Wah, C Kwan and Ah Sheh spoke to the media. C Kwan said that what he just said was from the script. Did Tze Wah feel C Kwan could be his successor? Tze Wah said, "Not only mine, he can be Do Do (Carol Cheng Yui Ling)'s too. I hope next time C Kwan could work behind the scene as well, making me and Ah Sheh popular." C Kwan asked Tze Wah if he would invest, Tze Wah told him to ask Sister Do because she was very rich. Would C Kwan talk back to him? Tze Wah said, "Not talking back, it was a conversation with spark. I really love him, the love is blind type." Did Ah Sheh also like C Kwan? She immediately stroked C Kwan's face, "Of course I like C Kwan, he is nice, cute and silver tongued. In addition he also invited me to his house for hot pot casserole, but he was sweatier." C Kwan joked that actually he wanted to ask Ah Sheh to chip, Ah Sheh joked ha luckily she left early. With the quick wit of Tze Wah and C Kwan, was Ah Sheh unable to follow? Ah Sheh boasted, "I think pretty fast too! They treated me very well." Tze Wah praised Ah Sheh for being first at thinking fast on her feet, C Kwan was second, he was third. However Ah Sheh just did not demonstrate it.

Ah Sheh invited her mother to the premiere, did Tze Wah invite his girlfriend? He said, "I don't dare to invite anyone to the premiere because I am too nervous. Friends would book their own shows to watch, but I wouldn't watch with them. I am afraid that I might vomit bile. Originally I thought I just had a few good friends, but actually I had a lot of friends. Speaking of disguising himself to see the audience response, he joked that he had fake mustache at home. If anyone saw someone with a mustache and buckteeth then that would definitely be him. Ah Sheh joked that if she donned a disguise she too would wear a fake mustache.

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For the week starting February 10 2018

  Can : Yiu But Hor Kup
  Hubert Wu Hung Kwan

  Can : Jui Bun Din Yun
  A-Bin Fang (Fong Man Bun)

  Khalil Fong Datong

  Can : Ji Oi
  Eason Chan Yik Shun

  Can : Seung Nei
  Kris Wu Yifan, Zanilia Zhao Liying

  Can : Yuet Guong Ha
  Fuying and Sam

  Can : Nui Yi Gok
  Jane Zhang Liying, Li Ronghao

  Can : Yin Buk Yau Chung
  Lala Hsu (Tsui Kai Ying)

  Can : Nei Dai Jeuk Ngor Dik Ching Chun Lei Hui

  Can : Ngor Hung Yuet Fai
  Stefanie Sun Yanzi

  Can : Yu Gor Yu Ji Hau
  Eric Chou (Chow Hing Jik)

  Can : Yut Tung
  Chris Lee Yuchun

  Can : Hung Fook Lo Seung
  Jolin Tsai (Choi Yi Lam)

  Can : Lin Ming Dai Sing
  A-mei (Cheung Wai Mui)

  Can : Wai Dai Dik Miu Siu
  JJ Lin (Lam Chun Kit)

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The Lunar New Year film AGENT MR. CHAN (DUNG DUK DUT GUNG) leads Dayo Wong Tze Wah and Charmaine Sheh Sze Man yesterday promoted the new film with a helicopter ride. Tze Wah was dressed like James Bond. He said tha when he was on the helicopter he realized that Hong Kong actually had a lot of green vegetation and not just skyscrappers. He hoped that everyone would learn to cherish it. Tze Wah also said that he tried to put on a disguise to see audience reaction, but in the end he was recognized. This year he would change his method and wear face paint instead.

Wong Tze Wah said that he did not have a chance to ride the helicopter in the film, but he joked that he has ridden on everything. He even rode on a rocket, but it was the toy rocket in his childhood. Thus he would wait to see if the boss would let him take a rocket to space in the next film.

Tze Wa and Ah Sheh did not have any fear of heights, but while the helicopter the crew turned on their phones to take photos. Tze Wah joked, "I am the most rule following special agent, I was trained to know danger!" As for box office expectation, Tze Wah was optimistic but cautious. He did not have a maximum, he just hoped for just enough. He wanted however much the audience felt the movie could make. He believed that during the Lunar New Year the audience would be more lenient, he would be the happiest about a little more than just right. Would he make a sequel? He said that would depend on the audience reaction.

Tze Wah said that so far he still has not been able to shut down for the New Year because he had to keep promoting. Ah Sheh even had to go the flower market to sell "Sexy Man" (Sheh Sze Man). She joked, "Next year when I work at the New Year market, you have to come and help!" Tze Wah said, "Then you should sell the Sheh Sze Man rubber dolls!"

Ah Sheh revealed that she had to work on Valentine's Day while Tze Wah would celebrate the New Year. However he would make time to don a disguise and go to the movies for audience reaction. He admitted that years ago he put on a fake mustache and fake buckteeth but finally was recognized. This year he might put on face paint.

Tse Wah and Ah Sheh were extremely tense about last night's premiere because they have not seen the film yet. They felt like they were getting a report card.

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Both Louisa Mak and Alex Fong Lik Sun will attend the premiere on Valentine's Day
Louisa Mak sticks to Fortune God Anderson Junior for good luck
Louisa Mak is not just talk, as she really has many guys approach her
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Philip Keung, Louisa Mak and Alex Fong Lik Sun promote the new film
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Alex Fong Lik Sun, Louisa Mak Ming Sze, Philip Keung Ho Man, Susan Shaw Yam Yam, Bob Lam Sing Bun and Mak Ling Ling yesterday promoted their Lunar New Year film A BEAUTIFUL MOMENT (NGOR DIK CHING DIK NUI SAI). Siu Fong said that last month due to work he was unable to promote, which led to complaints from director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum). Siu Fong said that after returning to Hong Kong he already promoted a few times. With their relationship, he would support him both personally and professionally.

The film will premiere on February 14th, Valentine's Day. Siu Fong said that he had 30 tickets. Who would he bring? He joked, "Plenty of lovers......I would ask friends to attend. Some are dating, some are single." He said that he was not dating because he was too demanding. In addition work was better, otherwise he would not know how to live. He said, "Everywhere would be Valentine's Day dinner, I am just going to barbecue and rice. At work I can have Chinese with a group of people."